Kyle LaDouce

Kyle LaDouce has been with Future Insurance Agency since Fall of 2015. He grew up in a small town of Beaverton only to venture out to Grand Rapids to attend Grand Valley State University and earn his Bachelors in Marketing and Advertising. His family ties brought him to Saginaw to start his career as a Risk Manager. He specializes in auto, home, and commercial insurance.

Kyle enjoys being active and creative. He participates in numerous 5K events around Michigan and has completed a half marathon in the summer of 2017. He is also active in a few different recreational basketball leagues in Mid-Michigan. A member of the Freeland Sports Zone you can usually find him running laps around the track or shooting hoops down on the courts. Kyle also likes to paint, take pictures/videos, and draw.

Kyle lives by the motto “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” and is sure to always put a smile on your face!

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