Beth Rohde

Beth is the Commercial Account Manager who works with our Risk Managers to place and service our commercial lines customers.


Beth believes insurance is an essential part of any business financial portfolio.  She works diligently along with our Risk Managers to make sure that our customers have the coverage they need should disaster strike. Beth believes being there at our customer’s time of need is the most important part of her job. 


Beth has worked in the insurance industry for 42 years.  She was licensed in 1998, earned her Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation in 2014 and her Certified Authority on Workers’ Compensation (CAWC) designation in 2016.


Beth is an active member in her church community. She also enjoys going to Lions, Tigers and U of M games with her husband, 3 sons and grandchildren. She loves amusement parks and traveling. Her most favorite activity is spending time with her granddaughter and grandson and of course her kitty, Miss Allie!

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